• Illuminations

    Sandra Muss is an American artist whose multi-media works explore the complex relationship between spatial, temporal and mystical realms of human experience. Recently, her work has been exhibited at the Villa San Michele in Florence, Italy and in the Americans in Florence exhibition at the Stengel Collection in the Palazzo Rosselli del Turco in Florence. In 2018, she was in the Open Code Florence group exhibition in the Basilica of San Lorenzo and in group exhibitions in Tokyo and Monte Carlo. In 2017, Muss, created a permanent site-specific installation for the Sculpture Garden at the Kreeger Museum in Washington D.C. In addition, her work has been exhibited at the Coral Springs Museum (Florida), Hollis Taggart Gallery (New York), Kelly Roy Gallery (Miami), New Gallery of Modern Art (Charlotte, North Carolina), and DTR Modern Galleries (Florida, Washington D.C., and Boston). The artist lives and works between New York City, Miami Beach, and the Berkshires.

Untitled (GrayBox)